Friday, January 30, 2009

For Sale!

It's my pleasure to say that response here has been just overwhelming. In just the few days that I have had these models up for sale, I have sold all but the remaining and there is an interest in them already. So please be patient, I will need a little time to get more stuff together to place here. Keep looking back and I hope to have more soon.

I've been selling my models on ebay for some time now with mixed results. I'm often surprised at a very generous bid on something I'm just not that crazy about or doesn't perhaps have a lot into it. I'm equally surprised at pieces that I have poured my heart into and spent many hours getting what I feel is a super model (two words here) and have it command much less than expected. Be that as it may, I enjoy the building process and what I gain in money usually goes back into modeling supplies. The thought of my models being in collections and layouts all over the world intrigues me to no end and is very gratifying to say the least. It satisfies the spiritual side in a way, the knowledge that folks from every part of the globe appreciate what it is that I have decided to fill the hours of my leisure. And in an attempt to be able to present a model in a more personal setting, I've decided to place a few here.
So let's get the transactional verbiage out of the way and then I'll get on with trying to separate you from your shekels. After receiving my first inquiry about the sale of a model, it occurred to me that one must leave some contact information. So please either leave an email address or contact me directly at , thanks. I accept Paypal only, merely as a convenience and because I can get one's model to them in a more timely fashion. Upon receipt of payment the model will go out that week. Shipping costs to the Continental U.S. and Canada for vehicles and packages under 1 lb. is $5.00 straight across the board. Any different will be noted in the model description. Shipping elsewhere in the world will be computed when any request is made. My return policy is this: if there's something wrong with the model when it arrives at your location, I will buy it back, and pay the return shipping as well. All that I ask is that you confirm this somehow either in an email attachment or a mailed photo. I want you to be happy with what you receive from me.

I will also do commissioned work with a caveat. If you show me a photo and say that's the vehicle I want, I may exercise some "artistic license" on the resulting model. Not always is an exact year, make or model of a vehicle available. And often certain accessories that can't be scratch built or available are not to be had either. The result is either no model or a compromise in which I would discuss it with the potential buyer prior to any agreement. I will estimate any model cost before hand and will stay true to that figure unless changes are requested by the buyer during construction. None of this is meant to scare you away from having me build a custom piece for you but just to keep everyone happy knowing what is what.
I'll be removing models on display as (and if) the are sold, and adding new one's as I choose so hopefully this thread will be an active one. A comment left will be promptly replied to whether it's just a question or a purchase.

1930's tractor trailer - $55.00

Another of the Roco Zis-5's this time in a highway tractor with integral sleeper. The cab has been extended and running lights and horn have been added. The trailer is an exterior post round front suitable for the 30's. It comes from a Sylvan Scale resin kit and all have been moderately weathered.

Ford Model AA canopy express - $34.00

This is a modified Busch Model AA closed van with the sides removed and rolled up canvas added. The exposed flat head engine and headlamps come from Jordan Miniatures.

Steam launch diorama - SOLD
1930's transfer/express truck - SOLD

Small Crawler diorama - Sold

1947 Ford cab over tow truck - SOLD

Ford Model A pickup - SOLD

Ford Model AA flatbed - Sold

1953 Ford F 600 wrecker - Sold

1930 Autocar w. lowboy and shovel - SOLD

Roadside Advertisement display - SOLD

1937 Chevy pickup mini diorama - SOLD

International KB11 logging truck - SOLD

1937 Ford cabover - SOLD

Mack BX dump - SOLD

1965 Ford F850 hay/straw truck with load - SOLD

Ford AA wrecker: SOLD

1937 Chevy wrecker - SOLD

IH F230 - SOLD

Pair of 1940 Fords with hood - SOLD
Don't forget that clicking on these photos that accompany the text will bring up a larger picture. Please excuse the long loading times when clicking back to the blog. I will be putting fewer blogs on the same page to try to speed up loading times. Thanks.