Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back to stay

Yes, I think I'll keep doing this modeling thing. A few more recent pieces here. Starting with an old favorite, the '37 Chevy truck from Sylvan Scale. Pretty much box stock (no alterations done to the model.) except for using the Jordan 5 hole steel wheels. The covered livestock hauler in behind is a resin kit from the German outfit Kniga. I did lower the suspension a bit and used a two hole steel wheel on the trailer. I also covered the tarp that was already molded in the resin casting, with tissue. Just helped to make the seams at the glue joint less perceptible.

Sometimes you run across a model that is just too much like a toy. Such is the case with the Imex International KB8 from 1947-49. It is a diecast piece with a very thick paint job and plastic headlights that are mounted on the bumper. To creat this piece, I shortened the wheelbase and corrected the windshield area. I then used some appropriate headlamps and mounted them up on the fender where they belong. The wrecker unit is scratch built and sits on diamond plate. The wheels are from Athearn. After stripping all the paint off, I cleaned the casting and dipped it in Blacken-It. A chemical product that darkens most metals. This eliminates any coats of paint at all and provides a good tooth for anything that does get painted without priming.

I do feel fortunate to have friends like Ralph Ratcliffe. Ralph is the renowned modeler responsible for countless numbers of masters for models brought to us by the likes of Sheepscot Scale and Don Mills Models as well as carrying his own line of great models now. I was the recipient of the Mack F700 cabover from Ralph because it had some defects and he could not sell it to Don Mills who markets the kit. With just the cab in hand I found a Promotex chassis suitable and put Ralph's wheels on it with his cab. The trailer is the Lonestar kit of the Trailmobile 40 ft. flatbed. A great kit for scale and prototypical accuracy but a bit of a bugger to assemble with all the fiddly little parts. Not impossible by any means but if you're just starting out in modeling, you might want to put this one on the shelf until you sharpen your skills a bit. The load is an old plastic kit from Preiser of a generic forage wagon chained down to the trailer .

The last thing I want to show for this posting is the trailer I originally intended for the Mack F700. It is a 28' wedge from Rail Power offered in a plastic kit. Of course I can always change my mind again.

Well thanks again for looking and happy modeling.