Wednesday, April 22, 2009

fellow 1/87 scale modelers

It was suggested by another modeler that I put a section up for other folks that possess this strange affliction that makes us build these little models. From what I can see, we suffering from the addiction can sometimes be totally consumed so that large portions of our day is filled with thoughts of our hobby. So this posting will be about some other fanatics but myself.

It has been said recently that the Mack FCSW water truck by Joe Enriquez is the finest example of 1/87 scale vehicle modeling. I would agree wholeheartedly. Joe took the basic Don Mills resin kit and totally re fabricated the majority of it. The chassis is scratch built complete with plumbing, wiring and rivet detail. In the photos you can see just how extensive the scratch building is evidenced by the white styrene and metal. The original kit parts are of the darker colored resin. You see, Joe just isn't happy with the level of detail presented even by such a great kit as the Don Mills one. I show a photo of the kit grille and what Joe has fabricated to be more realistic and finely detailed. This is the level of craftsmanship Joe carries throughout the entire build.

The red tractor on bare chassis is a Mack LTL also a Don Mills kit that Joe "altered". And the Kenworth C500B oilfield truck is based on a Dennis Aust resin kit with a scratch built trailer. Now I could fill pages with Joe's work and each model is as jaw dropping as the next but I'll let you see for yourself by going to his picture site that can be found here. I have to add that in addition to being one of the finest modelers in any scale, Joe's a great fellow and has become a good friend. I'm proud to present Joe as the first guest modeler on the blog here.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Repeat Performances

I made note on the post entitled "what's new on the bench" that if I really take to a model, I'll do it again (and in some cases again and again and.....). This is what you are about to see. I've already shown some examples of this but here are a few not too old.

The Model TT has been done in every scale in every medium, even solid wood. Well this one has a little wood in it but the base model is the Jordan plastic kit. The hood sides have been removed as well as the doors from the original kit. And the deck is uh... wood.

This next TT was an disaster turned OK. I had just finished the truck and was impatient to take photos. So to dry the headlights from the white glue look to clear, I turned the hairdryer loose on it. Within seconds the front wheels, axle and all, dropped to the floor in a droopy mess. Hence, the cinder block. I aged it a bit more and came up with this. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of good photos of this and it was sold as part of the boathouse diorama.

The roof of the truck has been covered in tissue to be able to simulate a ripped top.

Now to the Model TT at the top of the post. The tanker has the tank body from the Jordan Model AA on it and the engine has been exposed. That's it! Oh, I cover all the roofs of trucks like this in tissue paper for the texture.

Here's a unique take on the T. I found a photo of an old horse hauler and decided to use the Model T for it. The bed is built from styrene. But as often as I've made a horse's ass of myself, I can't seem to model one.