Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Newer yet

Geez, my imagination just runs dry when it comes to putting a title on these postings. Lord knows that if it wasn't for my wife, our four children might still be nameless. Well be that as it may, the title is at least accurate. I have managed to step into a slightly newer era in my last two pieces. The one I had the most fun with was this Mack DM which is distinct in it's offset cab. The model is a resin casting from Ralph Ratcliffe and as a matter of fact so is just about everything seen on this model. With the exception of the tractor wheels (Roco tires on Herpa rims) the battery box, fuel tanks and air cleaner are all from Ralph. As is the 25' gravel trailer he now offers in kit form. The cab is mounted on an Athearn Chassis with corrugated metal quarter fenders added. The light bar is from Busch.

And speaking of Athearn, they are now releasing the Ford F850 boom truck in kit form. Thanks to Trip Aiken at Truck Stop Models I recently acquired a kit (or two). These are nicely cast with a lot of parts so painting individual parts of the model is easier. I also have remarked before that while the Athearn factory paint, as nice as it is, can be a little heavy handed and does hide some detail on parts. This coupled with the fact that the boom and bed lend themselves to some serious kit bashing make them very attractive to modelers. I hope the trend in offering their ready to roll line in kit form continues.

OK so that's the newest yet. Hope to have more soon and thank you for visiting.