Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Apres Springfield

Having missed the big Amherst Railway Show in W. Springfield, Mass. last year, I had an even greater anticipation for the event here in 2013. Gathering up all the models I was taking there and hoping I would pack them safely I almost felt giddy. But the show came and went and I had a great time seeing all of my 1/87 scale vehicle buddies and meeting some new. A few things I did prior to the show will be shown here as well as one project I finished since.

Another model I built for the show was a Zis-5 that mysteriously showed up in a box here at Christmas time with another saying Merry Christmas from Santa. Many thanks to Santa!  One of the trucks came with a tanker body produced in the Czech Republic that I finished in acrylics.


One more to make the trip was a unique little piece in a Model T with trailer. I saw this configuration in an old photo and decided to give it a try. The T of course is the Jordan coupe and the trailer is the popcorn wagon also from Jordan. From all that I can gather many of the vehicle pulled trailers of the time started as horse drawn wagons and were modified. so this is what I came up with.

This piece was done since the show. In fact I picked it up from Ralph Ratcliffe at the show. This solid resin cab is of the Brockway 758. To it, I added photo etched muffler heat shield (thanks Bob Johnson), crossover deck marker lights, fuel tank steps and mud flaps. The trailer has been shown before here, the Fruehauf 28' wedge from Rail Power.

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Anonymous said...

It is always a joy to see what you accomplish in a very short time. You do superb work on all of your models. Hence, you have won a favorite spot on my Christmas list for many years to come...Santa...