Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fun in the garage

 I haven't wasted any time getting shots of my new garage diorama here. Everything sitting on my shelves here has become fair game for the next photograph. And I've been playing with the light as it enters the windows like a cat chasing the beam of a flashlight. Most everything has turned out being artsy-fartsy kind of images and really don't contribute to the models description. But it's been fun.

I have built a few new models in the mean time including this 1936 Chevy tanker. The base model is from Sylvan Scale that I used the resin cab and chassis to which I added a tank and bunks. The tank is two Jordan tanks spliced. The wheels are Jordan's as well.

I decided to build another of the Roco pieces. And in spite of the fact that these are hard to find, I really trashed this one. Using the Dremel, I went to work on the door panels and fenders. I have tried this before with decent results but when you decide to cut up a perfectly good (and now rare) model, you always have your trepidations. The wood deck is...... well, it's wood. I also made an attempt at the Autocar Blue Streak 6 cylinder that came in these trucks so I cut the hood sides too so it would show.

The next and last in this posting is an addendum to my Mack R Model.  I wanted to do a utility pole truck with the Mack, but not just a wooden telephone pole type, but a transmission tower metal pole. Ralph Ratcliffe, as if he isn't already one of the biggest contributors to my modeling, came through for me. I found an expandable container trailer from an outfit called American Limited. A really finely detailed but unfortunately discontinued model kit in the scale. I mounted bunks on the assembled kit and painted it to match the truck. Then Ralph turned a gorgeous stainless steel pole for me complete with mounting flange. It simply makes this model and many thanks go out to Ralph for his generous talents.

I'll leave you with one more parting shot of the garage this post done with a pen flashlight. And I hope that this coming nice weather is bringing you closer to your loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Impressive modelling, and I like a lot the technique behind the photos. You have a very keen sense for the light. Congratulations!


chester said...

Thanks very much!

pennman said...

I like returning to your blog from time to time, to check out your expert modeling skills. There's always some eye candy on here, and always something inspiring and new. I have yet to build one of these similar trucks, but will soon, and send along some pictures.
Your friend...Rich

Anonymous said...


I've been a fan of your modeling for a long time, having seen it on the 1/87 Club site. I recently discovered your blog site and have it bookmarked for occasional inspiration. Just about anybody can build a model; but making it look real, takes talent. Beautiful work!

gary roe